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Yoga means mindfulness towards oneself and towards nature. As yogis, we take nature as our model, imitating it in many poses, for example. Wouldn't it therefore be nice if we gave something back to nature through yoga?

This question never left us at Yogagold. We used our professional skills as creative directors and conceptual designers developed a concept for donation-based yoga classes, which we presented to the WWF. The people in charge were so enthusiastic about the idea that we were allowed to realize it in two countries at once.

We are very happy to finally present you our fundraising campaign «Namasté Nature» for WWF Switzerland - and we are even happier that the Zurich yoga studios Yogatribe, Athayoga, Planet Yoga, Airyoga, Das Yoga Haus and Yoga in a Bag have joined our idea. Each of them hosts special yoga classes in honor of nature, just like we do, and lets the proceeds flow entirely into the climate protection programs of WWF Switzerland. 💛 Thank you so much for your support 💛

The official kick-off session for the WWF campaign "Namasté Nature" will take place on 27.01.2020 at 8:00 pm at Yogatribe K6. For our personal tribute to nature, we went especially to the recording studio and recorded a very special surprise for you. Sign up now for a yoga class like you have never experienced before.

And please share the action with all your friends. Because the more people come, the more donations we can collect. 🙏


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