For Susen and Andy there is not only one yoga style. Because they are convinced that every yoga has its own treasures! In their yoga classes in Zurich, the two highly trained yoga teachers lift these with their velvety voices and let everyone experience the greatness and power of yoga. 


Already at the age of five Susen started to meditate and continued her journey into the inner being until today with numerous trainings and self experiences. With her inner strength and her special voice she leads deep into meditation and lets her cordiality and beautiful affirmations flow in again and again. 

Susen teaches various styles in German and English


Sivananda Master of Yoga (820h / RYS 500) | Akhanda Hatha Yoga Teacher (300h) | Vinyasa Flow Teacher (250h) | Laughter Yoga Teacher (100h) | Yin Yoga  (50h) | Yoga-Therapie | Kommunikations-Trainer | Speedreading Trainer | NLP Master | Systemcoach | Reiki-Master | Reconnective Healing Practitioner | Master of Health Improvement, Intuition and Success | Aunda-Heilung Level 1 | TM und Sidhi-Program


As a former competitive athlete, Andy knows exactly how important a flexible body and a calm mind are for success and health. Blessed by nature with meditative calm, Andy accompanies the practitioner with a calming voice on the path of yoga and shows that performance does not always have to be everything.

Andy teaches various styles in German and English


Sivananda Master of Yoga (820h / RYS 500) | Yin Yoga (50h) | Vipassana | Master of Health Improvement, Intuition and Success 


Yogis, Gurus and people who have inspired, taught and accompanied us on our way so far:
Yogrishi Vishvketu (
Ananda Prakash) | Sharon Gannon & David Life (Jivamukti Yoga) | Patrick Broome | Cat Alip-Douglas | Meghan Currie | Usha Devi | Matt Giordano | Tamara Levinson (Yogance New York) | Anja Radharani Birkner (Yoga Vidya) | Michael James Wong | Young-Ho Kim (Inside Yoga) | Deddou Burkardt (Pop up Yoga) | Cate Spinnler (Acroyoga) | Tanja Seehofer (Yin Yoga) | Inge Schöps (Yoga-on) | Sascha Peschke (Schwerpunkt-Yoga) | Swami Sivananda | Swami Vishnudevanada | Iyengar | Amma | Dalai Lama | Prem Baba | Maharishi Mahesh Yogi | Buddhadasa Bhikkhu | Richard Bandler & Fritz Perls | Milton Erickson | Bert Hellinger | Klaus Grochowiak | Eric Pearl | Attilio Ferrara | etc. 


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